Weight gain is never associated with good health. While it becomes manageable with exercise and diet for some people, others have to resort to surgery. Bariatric surgery is a popular method that helps you lose excess weight from the body. The procedure involves reducing the size of your stomach so that you don’t eat much. But the results of this surgery are not merely characterised by how much you eat after it, but also your overall lifestyle, including how much you exercise. 

When it comes to opting for surgery to lose weight, you must understand the importance of exercise to maintain its results in the long run. Exercise comes with numerous benefits. Besides toning your muscles, it helps improve the metabolism, builds immunity, and keeps you in a good mood. Regular exercise also helps in quicker recovery after surgery. 

If you are planning to opt for bariatric surgery to lose weight, you can do your best to increase the likelihood of its success by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Interestingly, exercise plays a role not only after bariatric surgery but before it too. 

Here’s everything to know.

The Importance of Exercise Before Bariatric Surgery

Maintaining a proper exercise routine is fundamental in checking your weight with bariatric surgery. However, starting a plan before it impacts long-term results. As per many studies, an exercise routine before your weight-loss journey can prepare your body for surgery. In addition, it will improve recovery time and promote an active lifestyle. Many doctors recommend light exercising 3-4 days per week for up to a year before surgery. 

Here’s how to perform your exercise routine before bariatric surgery. 

  • Move Your Body

    By exercise, we don’t suggest working out with heavy weights at the gym. You don’t have to do long walks on the treadmill or cycle until your limbs give up. You can start by moving around your house to keep your body active. For instance, indulge in activities like cleaning the house, parking a little farther from the grocery store so that you can walk a little bit, or using stairs to keep yourself moving.


  • Take a Walk

    There is nothing more refreshing than taking a morning or evening walk, and you can do the same to prepare your body for bariatric surgery. Begin with covering short distances. As you feel comfortable, increase the distance.


  • Practice Yoga and Aerobics

    One of the easiest ways to indulge in exercise before your surgery is by practising light aerobics and yoga exercises. These movements do not need to be intense. All you need to do is focus on the duration and how your body moves. Chair yoga is an effective way to start with the routine. You can take a seated position and perform the movement.


  • Other Tips 

    1. Build up a routine and stick to it. For instance, you can start with 30 minutes and increase the duration to an hour. 
    2. Do not indulge in exercises that put excessive stress on your joints. 
    3. Pay more attention to duration over intensity and focus on low to moderate intensity while engaging in aerobic exercise. 
    4. Be consistent with your practice.
 follow a new lifestyle and eating pattern

The Importance of Exercise After Bariatric Surgery 

The importance of going back to your exercise routine after your surgery cannot be questioned. Exercise is one of the major tools to help you reach and maintain your best health after surgery. Being active helps preserve your lean muscle mass and offers muscle strength. It also promotes the stability of your joints and strengthens your bones. Keeping yourself physically active with exercise aids in the management of other health conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. With all these benefits in your favour, you continue to lose weight and manage your overall well-being. 

What to Expect from Exercise Routine after Bariatric Surgery? 

You must set realistic goals and try to accomplish them after undergoing surgery. The most important thing is to always listen to your doctor. Here’s how you can start your exercise routine after bariatric surgery.

  • Begin Slow

    Doing everything at once will only affect your body negatively. Thus, doctors always recommend you start slow and increase your exercise duration. On the first day of exercise after surgery, you will feel sore and uncomfortable. In this situation, taking a 5-10 minute walk is the best solution. As you get used to this routine, you can increase your physical activity.


  • Say No to Balance Exercises

    Do not indulge in any exercise involving balance immediately after your surgery. It is because your body changes its centre of balance due to the weight you are losing, and performing balance exercises may directly impact your stability. Thus, avoid any movement that depends on balance, such as squats or lunges.


  • Try Strength Training

    The most immediate goal of your exercise routine after surgery should be gaining strength. It is where strength training comes into play. Get in touch with your trainer and start strength training. Try lifting weights, wall push-ups, and other movements to build and maintain muscle mass and strong bones. Alternatively, you can indulge in aerobic exercises such as walking and cycling.


    • Other Tips 

  1. Setting small goals will keep you motivated in the initial stage of your exercise routine. Always take baby steps to accomplish them.
  2. Pair your exercise regimen with a bariatric diet. Your doctor will recommend a special diet after surgery. Do not eat anything that you are not advised to. 
  3. Indulge in enjoyable activities that you can sustain in your routine in the long run. For instance, you can walk with your friends or join a swimming or yoga class. 
  4. Track your exercise routine from time to time. You can maintain an exercise log to record all the details of your everyday activity.


The importance of exercise before or after bariatric surgery cannot be undermined. Now that you are a step away from attaining a healthy lifestyle, making exercise a part of it will only bring you closer to your goal. All the best.