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Gallbladder Surgery/Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Gallbladder surgery is a surgical procedure to remove your gallbladder — a pear-shaped organ that sits just below your liver on the upper right side of your abdomen. Your gallbladder collects and stores bile — a digestive fluid produced in your liver. A cholecystectomy is most commonly performed to treat gallstones and the complications they cause. To know more on gallbladder stone treatment in Rajinder Nagar meet Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Saggu.

Your doctor may recommend a cholecystectomy if you have:

  • Gallstones in the gallbladder (cholelithiasis)
  • Gallstones in the bile duct (choledocholithiasis)
  • Gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis)
  • Large gallbladder polyps
  • Pancreas inflammation (pancreatitis) due to gallstones
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Advantages of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

  • Only 3 to 4 small holes through which surgery is done.
  • Day care surgery, most of the patients can go back home on the same day.
  • Completely safe.
  • No stitches and Bandages.
  • No Drains.
  • Earlier return to normal day to day activity.

Risks and potential side effects

  • A cholecystectomy carries a small risk of complications including:
  • Bile leak
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Injury to nearby structures, such as the bile duct, liver, and small intestine
  • Risks of general anesthesia, such as blood clots and pneumonia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How successful is the gallbladder surgery?

Ans. Most people can live a normal life without their gallbladder. The patient can resume daily routine after resting for a few days as there are no specific restrictions. One should refrain from engaging in strenuous activities for a few more weeks. Gallbladder surgery is safe and involves minimal to no risks. 

  • What foods to avoid after gallbladder surgery?

Ans. Avoid foods containing high fat or oil, including whole dairy products. After gallbladder removal, patients must avoid whole milk, cheese, full-fat yogurt, cream or butter, fried foods, high-saturated snacks, spicy food, or foods rich in refined sugar. Drink plenty of water but avoid caffeine (tea, coffee, energy drinks), alcoholic drinks, and carbonated beverages. 

  • Can a gallbladder grow back?

Ans. No, the gallbladder does not grow back. Neither a gallbladder can repair itself. Only cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) is the optimal treatment for gallstones and its associated complications. 

  • Is cholecystectomy a high-risk surgery?

Ans. A cholecystectomy is a common surgery with a very low risk of complications. Bleeding, infection, or fever, the complications associated with any other surgery, are related to cholecystectomy, which is rare. Patients can usually go home on the same day of their surgery. 

  • Which is better, laparoscopic or open surgery cholecystectomy?

Ans. We prefer laparoscopic cholecystectomy as it is more advanced and quick. Patients experience a shorter recovery time due to the small incisions, resulting in less pain and faster healing. Open surgery is usually more painful than a laparoscopic procedure and involves an increased risk of post-surgery complications.