Bariatric surgery is a life-saving procedure that helps you lose weight, eliminate all life-threatening diseases, and feel positive and confident about your appearance. But, it’s not a magic treatment! You have to make certain changes in eating patterns and calorie intake to achieve successful and effective results.


After the surgery, your stomach adapts to a new method of handling the food and creates a restriction by allowing less calorie intake.


You should be more focused on consuming high quality and try inculcating a healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

Diet Progression or Eating After Bariatric Surgery ?

Diet in Hospital After Weight Loss Surgery


Day Diet 

Post-bariatric surgery you will be served a full liquid diet to make your digestive system work properly. Start your diet by slowly sipping 15 ml of clear liquid, and repeat this procedure after every 15-20 minutes.


Day 2 Deit / Until you go home after Gastric Bypass Surgery 

Your diet will consist of full liquid just like the previous day. However, the quantity will be increased to 30 ml and you have to follow this procedure after every 15-20 minutes.


A full liquid diet can include –


  • Water
  • Tea
  • Diluted fruit juice
  • Broth
Diet After Bariatric Diet

Calorie Intake for Different Timeframes After Gastric Bypass Surgery 

After successful bariatric surgery, it is essential to follow a well-designed meal plan for keeping your weight loss journey on the right track.


Note – Certain factors like age, gender, daily schedule, and goal can impact your calorie intake.


First two weeks

Post bariatric surgery your diet will consist of thicker liquids that are high in protein. Your calorie intake should be in the range of between 400-500 calories per day.


Within two to four weeks after  metabolic surgery

At this stage, you can start adding very small potions of pureed and soft food that can be digested very easily. Try eating very small bites and chew your food very well. Your calorie intake should be in the range of between 400-600 calories per day.


During 1 to 3 months

At this stage, you can transition to soft food. The main focus should be on consuming protein and fiber-rich food. And your calorie intake should vary in the range of between 600-900 calories per day.


During 3 to 6 months

You can intake lean protein, vegetables, and fruits to meet your daily nutritional needs. The calorie intake should be in the range of between 800-1200 calories per day.


Dietary advice for long duration

You will be able to include a variety of food items in your diet. But your prime focus should be on consuming low-fat, low-sugar, less-salt, and low-calorie items, only. 



    Liquid Diet after gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric band .

    Post-surgery the capacity of your stomach decreases making you feel full after sipping liquids. At this point, your major goal should be keeping the body well-hydrated. Make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep your body clean, hydrated, and toxin-free.


    Pro Tip – Keep a water bottle handy with you all the time.


    Yes, making track of your calorie intake may seem to be challenging during the initial days. However, seeing yourself in the mirror after treatment will be a great experience. Keep in mind that everyone’s life and journey is unique, so don’t compare yourself to others. Just go with the flow and focus on your weight-loss journey!